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Yoga Happiness Studio

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219 East Arcadia Ave
Columbus, OH 43202
Phone: 614.446.2091
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Yoga Happiness Podcast Now Online!

In this podcast, Burg interviews local, and sometimes not local, professionals, experts, yoga studio owners, professors, and more, to demonstrate how yoga can be incorporated into everyday every day.

Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and some other forms of yoga have origins in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This short text is a compilation of centuries of philosophies, physical exercises, and mental practices said to have been gathered by a man named Patanjali. These sutras describe what have come to be known as the 8 Limbs of Yoga. In Sanskrit, that translates to Ashtanga. Ashta = eight. Anga = limbs. 

These 8 Limbs of Yoga outline a path for students of yoga starting with moral observances and avoidances, yamas and niyamas, such as non-violence, studying of texts, cleansing of body and mind, and more. We are taught to learn poses and breath, asana and pranayama, to physically prepare the body. After preparing the body and spirit, we are then taught to practice sensory withdrawal, pratyahara, to help draw the student inward. With pratyahara, one can then practice focus, dharana, more easily. With focus comes meditation, dhyana. The intention with the previous 7 stages is to gain oneness, samadhi. Oneness with a higher power, your higher power, energy, all of life, the entire universe, both seen and unseen.

This sounds hard to practice much less attain!

During the discussions on this podcast, I hope to show how yoga can be practice every day in every thing. Yoga is so much more than just a movement practice. I hope to present examples of that.

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Closed Monday January 1. Happy New Year!!


Starting in January, all yoga classes taught by Burg and Kelly will be donation based! $5 minimum is suggested. Visit the Services and Pricing tab for details on how to donate.

Thai Yoga Massage now available! Click HERE for details about TYM, pricing, and how to schedule.

Gift Certificates Available for Private Yoga Lessons and Thai Yoga Massage Click here to purchase

Schedule changes in January! Check out the Newsletter tab for more details.                              ~Burg

Thai Yoga Massage Email Burg to schedule Purchase an eGift Card to share TYM with a loved one Class Schedule We strive to provide a variety of classes at times that fit your schedule. View our class schedule below. Inside The Studio Our studio allows the ultimate yoga experience. We provide mats for all of our students if needed. Enjoy a space that allows you to let go.


This place is wonderful. Join me and we can go as a group. The owner has so much compassion and is filled with love.

Marty S.
Columbus, OH

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