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Fall Quarter 2017: August 31- November 16

Thursdays 7-8:30 PM

Topic: The Yoga of Journaling


These are the kinds of journals we'll make in class.

What you see here are my actual personal journals

from this year (2017).

Course Overview

Here's an intro video to watch!

In this 12 week series we will make a journal and then write in it each class. That's the simple description of what we'll do. The deeper aspect of this will be about finding peace in the mundane, like folding pages, or finding answers by allowing the mind to be present when putting pen to paper and writing.

We'll begin the series with an overview of the quarter. The next 2-3 weeks, whatever it takes, will be prepping and building the journal itself. After the journal is complete, we'll spend time in each class doing writing exercises as well as movement, breath, and seated meditation.

Movement and breath exercises are geared towards preparing your body and mind for writing. Meditation exercises are for practicing focus and finding intention. The writing exercises are for putting it all together as a different kind of meditation.

In going through the different stages and exercises, we'll learn and discuss how to apply yoga lessons to journaling.

This course is designed for any level of writer from "never done it" to experienced. Burg will guide you through building the journal itself as she has been making her own journals for over 30 years. If you are unable to attend some of the lessons beginning, that's ok. You can always use loose leaf paper or buy your own journal.

Follow Along on Patreon

If you are unable to attend any in-studio classes, you can follow along on Patreon.com/YogaHappiness.

As a Patron of Burg's Patreon site, you will gain access to weekly videos on building the journal as well as the exercises we'll go through in class. Some videos will contain in-class footage to help you feel part of the group. Depending on your patron level, you might hear your name during class!

If you have questions, please email Burg at Burg@YogaHappiness.US.

Weekly Topics:

  • Week 1: 8/31: Intro to the quarter/Start the Build

    • How we'll build the journal
    • Why to journal and how it relates to yoga
    • Start folding paper
  • Week 2: 9/7: Building the journal

    • We start by prepping the paper and finding the meditative aspect of folding.
    • Between this class and the next, Burg will punch holes in your paper, or we'll figure out a way for this to be done in class. We'll see.
    • Burg is also creating the cover for you to bind. If you follow on Patreon, you'll see how this is done.
    • We may get to binding the journal today.
  • Week 3: 9/14:Building the journal/Intro into Journaling

    • Finish the journal if necessary.
    • A primer for those who have never written in a journal. How to start.
  • Week 4: 9/21: Journal exercise

    • From this point on, each week we'll have a writing exercise along with asana, pranayama, dharana, and dhyana. Pose, breath, focus, meditation. These are 4 of the 8 limbs of yoga.
    • I'm not going to give you the writing topics ahead of time because I don't want you to fret but I also don't want you to think about it ahead of time.
  • Week 5: 9/28: Journal exercise

  • Week 6: 10/5: Journal exercise

  • Week 7: 10/12: Journal exercise

  • Week 8: 10/19: Journal exercise

  • Week 9: 10/26: Journal exercise

  • Week 10: 11/2: Journal exercise

  • Week 11: 11/9: Journal exercise

  • Week 12: 11/16: Journal exercise/Wrap Up

Quarter break: November 19-27

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